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Late Bloomer

I have always dreamed of having the gift of time to write. and i realized that i'll never have THE time...and that I should just 'do it' so here very first A2 blog. 'What's my WHAT for my blogs? ~ goal here is to express gratitude every time I get the chance.. What's my HOW ~ by sharing my little experiences and stories to you all, I become more mindful of how blessed I am.

with my little AUBS loving the bay.. 04/03/18 Sausalito, CA

Life is full of blessings to be thankful for..

My top favorites this week (besides the most obvious ones (i.e. family, relationships):

1 Parenthood ~ I KNOW it's NOT Easy..but it's most rewarding !

2 Precious moments spent with loved ones ~ thank you google photos for helping me store wonderful memories..

What are you grateful for this week?

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